Why choose for Cedar?

Cedar is naturally protected and has a nice soft feeling to it.
It's also very durable and maintenance free so years of pleasure is guaranteed.

How durable are the furniture?

Cedar has natural preservatives that makes it resistant to decay, rot, and insects.
Thus, it is often used in products that are in direct contact with water and soil.
The way the furniture is processed makes it very steady.
Wood always works but with cedar it's minimal.

Is there any maintenance required?

For our inside furniture it is sufficient to use a wet cloth like any other furniture.
Our outside furniture is always untreated and will get a gray color by weather conditions.
That can partly be prevented by washing it with bleach water regularly .

Can I treat the furniture myself?

Our furniture is available in both finished and unfinished. The outdoor furniture are always unfinished.
If you wish to treat them yourself we always recommend to use a water-based paint.

Where is the Cedar from?

Cedar wood used for our furniture is ecological cut in North America.

There are cracks in the furniture?

From the moment the wood releases the moisture it may crack.
This is a natural process during the drying of the wood but it has no effect on their sustainability.
An additional advantage: every piece of furniture is unique in its kind.